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Cars with low mileage are more prone to leaks than high mileage cares. If your transmission behaves inappropriately, exhibits delayed pressure response or has elevated idle pressures, only you the installer, can fix these issues! This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Nothing else is supposed to be done!

Wiring a Lockup-Converter Pressure Switch

TCI Universal Lockup Wiring Kit For Use With 2004R/700R4 Transmissions

Then, the part most folks miss. We do this so our customers can feel very comfortable with getting this transmissions installed correctly. The picture doesn't really show it but the piece is cracked and has a lot of metal shavings from the destruction. Place one hand firmly on the transmission pan and hold it to the transmission case. Back the vehicle off the car ramps.

How does a 700R4 work
What You Need To Know Before You Buy A GM With A 700R4 Transmission

Now to the outside wiring. It isn't hard, so don't put it off. Next is a wiring diagram by Peter Row that looks good to me. The later carbs are feedback style, but the linkages should be similar. If the transmission does need to be replaced I highly recommend replacing it with a re-manufactured unit.

What s Needed to Install a 700-R4 or 4L60E Trans Behind Carbureted 350

Now you can go and enjoy the ride! The brake pedal depresses the switch, normally, and releases the switch when the brake is applied. That site's been referred to twice in this thread already! When you install the switch, be careful to not over-tighten it. Then connect to the new single-pin connector at the transmission arrow, photo C.

They are to the best of my knowledge. We will not spend time in this article discussing hydraulic pre load because it will just confuse the issue. It only took a few minutes to do this on both of the carbs and needs to be done to make sure you don't ruin your transmission. At the switch I have a delay valve at the hose end where it connects to the switch. White arrow above picture.

When the solenoid is engaged, fluid is applied to the torque converter clutch, creating lockup and a direct link between the engine and transmission. You need to talk to a repairman or you might trying posting on Rodder's Roundtable Forum and post the question to Tony board name is Crosley. Since writing this article, I've had a lot of inquiries about it. This can only be determined by the installer.

This will kill them in hurry. Installers responsibilities. There is no difference in the way it locks. The factory installed a couple of different types of pressure switches depending on the application. For mine I have to pull the tranny out to get at the governor, Oh well.

What s Needed to Install a 700-R4 or 4L60E Trans Behind Carbureted 350

If the switch is not changed and wired properly, the converter will not lock up in fourth gear and possible trans and converter damage may occur, not counting your gas mileage will suffer. In all stock applications, especially in custom applications, these transmissions are not Plug and Play! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. This is why it is called a cancel switch, it cancels power when the pedal is pressed.

  • The cancel switch is mounted on a bracket under the dash.
  • Make sure the engine is warmed up and off the fast idle cam or circuit.
  • The following is an overview of this system as we understand it.
  • Place the new transmission pan gasket over the transmission pan, aligning all holes.
  • The pressure switch which needs to be changed is the center, rear one.

Who knows what's in the converter. Shown at left in the fully extended and fully depressed positions. Why not rebuild the blown up tranny? If you don't use the engine ported vacuum switch then the wire from terminal D should be grounded at all times.

This is our opinion, but logic and years of experience keep confirming this starting position to be ideal for most vehicles. The brake pedal arm makes contact with the switch when it is all the way out. Before checking minimum idle speed be sure the ignition timing is correct and, be sure the throttle body is clean around the throttle plates.

3x2 to r4 TV hook up

R4 lockup kit

Torque the transmission bolts to the manufacturer's recommended torque with a small torque wrench. There are no external adjustments and no noncomputer workarounds. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. It will not let any vacuum go to the switch until the engine coolant temp reaches degrees.

How to Wire a Switch to Lock Up the Torque Converter on a R Transmission

So, then they heard to leave it in drive D to keep it from doing this. Orange arrow above picture. As the accelerator pedal is depressed, speed dating a mechanical connection Typically a cable is connected to the engines carburetor or fuel injection systems throttle linkage. If they aren't right it is going to be hard to get the transmission to shift right under all load combinations and you sooner or later you will be fixing the transmission. Let's get into the details!

Just so you will know, most of the time the brake cancel switch is also a cancel switch for the cruise control, if you have cruise. This switch will allow current flow, dating only when it is depressed. After calling around to all the big name transmission companies that advertise in the magazines and anyone else I could find I came up with nothing. The rear seal can easily be replaced by just removing the driveshaft. This shows the sheared off splines.

When retrofitted into early muscle cars, these trannys require the pressure switch to be changed and a few wires rerouted. Took me faster than it takes to type this, to do the cable adjustment. Add transmission fluid through the transmission fill tube, checking the fluid level every quart to prevent over filling.

  1. Start engine and allow to go Closed Loop.
  2. Introduced in the early eighties, the General Motors Throttle Valve cable management system has caused more than its share of confusion, misunderstandings and subsequent headaches.
  3. Insert a picture We have found seven feet of hydraulic hose should allow the installer to have the pressure gauge in his hand while working at the carburetor or fuel injection location.

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Locate a body ground under the vehicle and attach one end of the gauge wire to the body ground. You will need to install a female spade connector on the end of the black wire and run that wire to the new pressure switch photo B. This can only be done after the transmission gets installed into the vehicle and only the installer can adjust this relationship if it's not correct!

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Here is a list of things to look for when considering buying a car with this transmission. Now again, with so many different variations of these things, you may also have a single wire solenoid. The photos in the article are of a R tranny. Allow as much fluid as possible to drain from the broken seal between the transmission and transmission pan.

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The blue, or in some applications dark green, wire terminal B is connected to the fourth gear overdrive switch in the valve body. Peek under a hot rod today and it's not uncommon to find an automatic overdrive resting between the frame rails. With out the proper turning radius at this hook-up point, the transmision will never operate properly. Now hook the cable back up, with the adjuster out towards the carb. You see the two terminals that you need to hook to.

700r4 TCC/lockup wiring

Tips The toggle switch can be installed in any location inside the vehicle. Overheating is the number one cause of transmission failure, making an aftermarket cooler highly recommended. Mount the low-vac switch on the firewall beside the master cylinder, right by the plastic sleeve with all the vacuum hoses going through it. Will the tranny clear the headers?

They look different so it is confusing to some. It's great you can have your cake and eat it too, high stall for good launch, lock up the converter on the highway and cruise home. Some mounting tabs from different sources are now available for different carbs if you don't feel like doing this yourself. Then I'm going to pull the tranny out and rebuild it with the billet servo pump, extra clutch packs, and kevlar band.

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