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Care has to be taken during the hotter weather because a Pug can easily get overheated not just when they are out on a walk, but also if they lie in the sun for too long. Some Pugs are fed three times a day throughout their entire lives, but it is more usual to feed two meals a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening.

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The breeder would also recommend a puppy be fed the same type of food to begin with for the same reason. Because Pugs have a relatively small gene pool the breed is known to suffer from quite a few hereditary health issues some of which are quite serious. You also need to make sure a Pug is thoroughly dried after having been given a bath, paying particular attention to the wrinkles around their faces. Exercise Tips It's really important that Pug puppies are not given too much exercise because too much could have serious consequences on their well-being. Females also tend to shed more when they about to come into season which is also worth making a note of if you share your home with an unneutered female Pug.

As with all other breeds, Pugs shed more during the Spring and then again in the Autumn which is when more frequent brushing helps keep shed hair under control. It's also important to keep an eye on their breathing when they are out on a walk to make sure they are not straining to catch their breath which could lead to them overheating.

You can change a puppy's diet gradually over a period of a few weeks, but you have to do this very carefully always making sure they don't suffer any tummy upset in the process. If you are about to get a Pug puppy, live police radio broadcasts online dating it's important to start grooming them as soon as possible so they get used to the brush and all the other tools you would use to keep their coats looking good.

Low Maintenance Grooming Tips If there is one thing that Pugs enjoy, it's being groomed because they love the one to one attention it involves. If it is really wet and windy, it's best to just take them out for a really short walk because weather conditions like this can seriously hurt a Pug's eyes.

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Pug puppies should not be allowed to run up and down stairs or jump up on furniture. They should always be lifted into a car too.

You should also teach a puppy to have their nails touched which means that when and if they do need trimming, you would be able to trim their nails without any drama or stress. It's also important to invest in a nice warm coat for a Pug because they are not particularly fond of the cold either. Being allowed to run around and play in a garden is all that a puppy would really need in the early stages of their lives. If any moisture is left in the folds, it provides the perfect environment for bacteria to take hold which could lead to painful sores and infection.

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