Anchor hocking marks dating, faqs for fire-king collectors

  1. This was one of the most prolific glass companies in Pittsburgh during the mid-to-late s.
  2. Many bottles carry only a number or numbers on the base.
  3. Federal and Anchor-Hocking are separate companies.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply!

Anchor Hocking Glass Museum - History of Anchor Hocking

Collectible Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass


For instance, the exact length of vertical mold seams on antique bottles speaking in general, not just soda bottles. For instance, they sometimes occur with or without periods after each letter. Joe, there are various ways in which the Anchor-Hocking jars were marked, and I am not conversant with what all the markings mean on some examples. What you have is called an After Market piece.

Collectible Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass

Anchor and H entwined mark Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation

FAQs for Fire-King Collectors
  • Those are batch or lot numbers.
  • The mark may read Fire-King in block letters or in script, or may include an anchor logo.
  • Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory.

Has American eagle and Star on it. Just when everything seemed to be going well, tragedy struck the company in when the Black Cat was reduced to ashes by a tremendous fire. Please see my webpage on numbers on the bottom of bottles. What is the difference between a Breakfast Bowl and a Chili Bowl? Brian, you are probably correct.

Large numbers of the Rawleigh bottles were made over many years. They are in excellent condition except for a white film here and there on the cups. My address is listed on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Wish I could post a pic to show the makers mark. And good luck with your search for information!

Currently such items as storage canisters, candle holders, and assorted kitchen ware is still being made here in the United States. Very nice piece of beach glass- well cooked. Picture courtesy of Jan Wooten. Chambers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania c.

Strictly Necessary Cookies Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Thank you so much for any information! American National Can Company. They made many types of bottles also, embarrassing hookup in tremendous numbers.

Would love to know more about it! Some older molds would still be in use as the new ones were put into production. Recently I purchased a set with two square glass flasks. There are lots of dedicated milk bottle collectors who frequent that forum, so perhaps someone can pass along better information for you. Hi David, thank you so much for your quick response!

Jars & Canisters For

The exact cursive style of the lettering changed slightly several times over the years. Anchor Glass Container Company This company has both a confusing name and emblem. Eventually, I may add a page on this site with lists of books by some of the above-named persons which I found to be of most value. It was dug up in va beach va.

Hi Eileen, You have found an antique glass battery jar. It is not available for sale anywhere. Look at websites such as Replacements.

And do you know which company manufactured the jar? The bottom of the dishes are stamped Fire-King. Fire-King call this glass heat proof.

Usually embossed on the base, marks may also appear on the lower heel area on certain types of bottles, especially sodas. We also found a milk bottle liner dating back to early s. Your work is truly appreciated and is a great guide when trying to learn about glass bottles, makers marks, dating, and the processes used over the years to produce these bottles!

How to Identify Anchor Hocking Glassware

Glass Bottle Marks Glass Manufacturers Marks

Not all are equally valuable. Thank you for your patience and understanding! One example is blue Bubble. Can you email me a photo of the bottle, and of the markings if possible to the email address given at the very bottom of any page on this site. On the bottom, why isn c14 used in it has crown emblem with a Trade W mark in the middle.

As of this year, Anchor Glass was sold to an investment firm. Of course the Anchor and H in the middle. The darkness of a jade-ite item is a result of the amount of impurities it contains. How to Identify Tiffin Glass.

Hopefully someone may have more info for you. They are stamped with the date and have a foil label. Love old bottles with histories. The rayed bottomed saucers are an interesting Jane Ray variation.

Research Research Anchor Hocking glassware to become familiar with the types of glassware and patterns the company produced, and the markings it used on its products. Anchor Hocking and Other Confusing Markings. Anchor Hocking first came into existence when Isaac J. How to Identify Milk Glass Hallmarks. Also included are a few marks, emblems and logos seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses.

Both say half pint above full measure on the heel. Please help me identify this bottle. How to Price Vintage Carnival Glass. Some glass factories switched over to machine production much sooner than others, often depending on their financial situation. Hi Kelly, If you can email me a photo of the bottle, and a closeup of the base markings, perhaps I can help.

With this renewed influx of capital, several facilities were upgraded and some less profitable facilities were either closed or sold. Anchor Hocking basically used only three markings over its history. Production was expanded with the purchase of another day-tank.

My problem is the makers mark on the bottom. Any idea what it held originally? Please see my webpage on that company.

FAQs for Fire-King Collectors

Hi there, I found a clear glass pint bottle on a hike in Los Angeles. Just trying to find out when it was made. Please check out my article about numbers on the bottoms of bottles and jars here. Ball-Incon Glass Packaging Corp. Perhaps someone will find more info to solve this mystery!

Vintage-inspired with Modern Flair

All Anchor-Hocking products are lead free. Jascha Broido was born in the Ukraine and emigrated to the United States. For an article with more extensive background material on Bellaire Bottle Company, check out this. Apparently this mark is used by Cerve, based in Parma, Italy. They both say Chevrolet on the back.

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