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No coherent vocalisations are heard. Subjects engage in sexual intercourse. We all felt happy and joyous. Called my home stated this call is being recorded, asked for someone I never heard of, refused to identify themself and hung up. Colours were consistent with the counterpart's synesthesia.

Linguistic features are consistent with previous analysis. Modern society and inventions cause many to become complacent, wanting and striving for nothing.

This is the sixth call in a week from this number. Active state not triggered. Teacher said we were ready today, and we were.

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Our Teacher told us the soul-bands help us grow closer to each other, but that in time, we won't need them to be together in spirit. Checked out the number it said Texas on my answer machine and it was not the number of my relative who lives in Texas. Today, His lesson was on the earthly and the heavenly.

It is United Recovery System, a debt collector. Subjects establish rapport.

Our Teacher says we're almost ready, and we know that we are. In addition to changes in measurements, the object rapidly heats up to match the subject's body temperature. We had taken his lessons to heart.

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Sounds like they use a lot of others as well. The subject is to undergo mandatory psychological evaluation every two weeks.

It's getting harder to write, because words do no justice to what we feel. He told me the call would be recorded, which I find odd. After saying hello three times a woman finally answered saying that the phone call would be recorded.

Amount of verbal conversation has decreased. We feel closer than ever before, and our Teacher says we may keep our soul-bands outside our meetings.


Subjects frequently performed sexual activities over the course of the experiment. Something does not work as expected? Many are misguided, thinking earthly desires sinful and resenting them.

Subject's emotional state returned to normal the following day. Speak to your account holders, verify the information and discuss further on actions taken on accounts of their customers. Our Teacher spoke to us with his spirit today.

Parties involved were subject to disciplinary action. Throughout this process, the object's mass stays constant, though the object's density undergoes slight variation.

Read all the posts, and decided to let you all know they are still calling people using this number. After one week, the experiment was officially terminated. Hope this information helps anyone else out there.

He is out of the office, so hopefully they don't call again until next week. The subjects speak markedly faster than normal and appear to be less concerned with grammar and syntax.

Phone number or keyword you want to search for. Still he tried to keep interrupting me as he read his script.

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Both expressed no desire to hurt Foundation personnel, but maintained that they would not permit the connection to be broken. Subjects attempt to ascertain the nature of the objects. All eight cavities are equal in dimensions. He wanted to take us in, but he was afraid of what we had become.

Other biological processes, however, are not synchronised, likely due to differences in metabolism. Subjects provide totally identical written reports and recite the same spoken report, verbatim, meez vip hack 3.4 in unison. Subjects were not informed of the nature of the object or the purpose of the experiment.

Subjects exhibit impaired gross and fine motor skills, stumbling and having trouble operating kitchen and writing utensils. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number. In truth, as the soul inhabits the flesh, the flesh affects the soul. Subjects begin experimentation, attempting to read each other's thoughts.


Upon regaining consciousness, both subjects went into extreme emotional distress. Transcripts of entries from the notebook are provided below. Further experiments involving prolonged exposure, as well as experiments involving D, are discontinued pending Ethics Committee approval. Both participants returned to respective baselines within three hours of experiment termination. Do not deal with any collection agencies.

By the minute mark, confusion had lessened and subject was able to express himself in Mandarin at a low intermediate level. Who ever called did not leave a personal message, but I did hear some sort of human interaction on the other end, before they hung up. Well worth the time it takes. To minimise side effects from the two-way connection, the subject is selected from a pool of D-class personnel without a history of violent crime. It was almost as though I could feel my brothers and sisters while we were reflecting.

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