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Introspection Late Night Partying. How did you come up with the concept for the album? Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Then again, Bread were sort of like the Coldplay of their day. Not even the Isley Brothers version?

Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. The actual recording was maybe a couple, three months. They did a lot of these songs as well as some of each other's material. It will be re-telecast Sept.

And I think the song just kind of came to me thinking that regardless of what their reasoning were, that we respect and honor their lives. As can be expected with a Babyface retrospective, the songs are top notch and the production is excellent. They are going there with the intention of believing they are fighting for a purpose, fighting to protect us here back at home. Never Keeping Secrets Babyface.

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Yeah, we're definitely looking at that. Where Will You Go Babyface. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. So how many songs total did you record? But it took awhile thinking about the album, thinking of the songs to do and finally just kind of getting in and doing it.

Electronic Folk International. No, I met with James Taylor once and we started to do some work together, but we didn't. For completists, this collection is thoroughly lacking, but for the casual listener, it's a pleasure nonetheless.

Listen to this album and millions more. Decent Allmusic review Covers albums tend to be dashed off as a way to fulfill an artist's last remaining contractual obligation to his or her label. This Is for the Lover in You.

Yeah, its very close to the original. But other than that, there wasn't anybody else. It's surprisingly under his real name. Things that I'd heard and definitely influenced me. Return Of The Tender Lover.

How long did it take you to record the album? Love the One You're With It's an album of great covers. There were some songs that I recorded, but I didn't think they worked for me.


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When Men Grow Old Babyface. And so I just went with songs that I felt were natural for me. You've worked with Eric Clapton in the past. He also established himself as a top-rate balladeer, as evidenced by the songs on this selection. This Is for the Lover in You feat.

Why did you decide to put a couple of new songs on the album? We've got something that we're working on. So it was a pretty organic process for you, then? Playlist is the seventh studio album by Babyface. The album was also different due to Babyface working with outside producers on roughly half of the album.

The work consists of eight covers of folk and soft rock songs and two original compositions. It was just something I wanted to do for awhile, to record an acoustic kind of album and the songs that I had grown up with. And I felt like this was just as good a time as any. We appreciate the fact that they gave their lives for us.

That might be interesting to hear. Very touching when you listen to the lyrics closely. So you think you might be touring in support of the album?

Here is an interview with Babyface on About. Babyface - Playlist New Album so. If you like babyface, and his overall sound, and want to hear him cover some really classic songs, ayyappa devotional tamil songs yesudas check out this album. Search and download from millions of songs and albums. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

In addition to the eight covers, there are two new songs, both of which fit into the album's scheme sonically while being far from lightweight subject-wise. Reid who was the president of Arista at the time of the album's release. Live concert albums of your favorite band.

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The guys with those kinds of voices, I can love their music, but it doesn't mean I can do it. Yes, it was just picking out the songs and our musician guys, we just kind of went in and cut it. In fact, I heard his cover of that song in some movie I saw and I loved it.

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