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So quizzing is very powerful. So you plan your studies, and you stay on your plan. Distributed practice, spreading learning over time, very, very, very effective method. Review the exam calendar for key dates and deadlines. On top of it, we include the Secret Sauce.

You can expect to see similar questions in terms of structure, format and level of difficulty, but don't expect to see the same questions repeated on future exams. And then the last difference or number one difference between Level I is way more material. So, for example, at Level I, you had a fixed allocation of weight, exact amount weight that is specified for quantitative method. Step three, projects in asp net is supplement the SchweserNotes with videos.

As the name suggests, it is self-study. And these six related questions are preceded by a short story vignette, or an essay.

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It increases the staying power, increases the retention. So that is an interactive online product that you can use to spread your study out.

You may mark up your exam book. So use the Performance Tracker to identify your weak areas to address. This will give you an idea as to what the things are you really understood.

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And taking quizzes, it aids learning very, very, very much. So it is comprehensive, it needs to be clear, not obtuse.

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Determining the Tax Base of Assets and Liabilities. So taking quizzes, doing problems, is extremely effective. So you use mind maps that show you have learned this material, but you still have some holes in your learning. The Dividend Discount Model. Detailed solutions and a bonus formulas sheet are included.

Contact by private message. We also have online class. Now, each item set is always going to be six questions. The next difference, the second difference is higher expectation of analytical skills.

Do some questions at the end of the reading in SchweserNotes, as well as the curriculum. So rereading the underlying material.

Start your free trial to see for yourself. So all of these are live online classes that you can take from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you like to study. Be prepared with Kaplan Schweser. So it includes that product, the Secret Sauce.

Live online or live weekly classes. Compare our Packages Basic.

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The fourth difference is the item set format. Also, at the end of each chapter, each reading, there are end-of-reading questions, which kind of have that quizzing effect that we talked about, also at the end of each topic area.

Along the way you will get tips and examples to crystalise your grasp of the topic at hand. It has Ask Your Instructor, which is simply email support that you can send in for clarification on anything in the curriculum. Are you demonstrating that by your ability to answer questions that are written appropriately? The last thing is, remember, ethics is special. There are two volumes of practice exams, one and two.

The third difference is more integration of different topics. So this short story, or a vignette, is about a page, page and a half, that gives you information that you need to answer the six questions that follow. And you do five readings, and that is the end of the study session. You will get detailed Study Notes covering all learning outcomes. Point and Interval Estimates of the Population Mean.

But still reread the ethics one more day, one more time on a Friday, prior to the exam. We also have our sister concerns all over the world that offer live instruction. In general, you are going to be studying some portion of the day, working some portion of the day, doing some other exercising some portion of the day, and so forth. It also keeps you on schedule on task. So here, you are not going to be successful if you are relying simply on memorization, if you are relying simply on plug-and-chug.

You need to give it the respect it deserves. Usually, they are standalone topic areas. You take the words that may be not very easily understandable and put it in user-friendly language. And each item set is going to be from a different topic area.

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Videos and Slides are downloadable so you can keep forever! Our Videos are the most thorough and in-depth in the market.

And each exam, we allow you to put online Performance Tracker. You may not have access to the live weekly class, then you can choose the online class. Investment Analysis, Recommendations, and Actions. So we give you a broad overview so as to refresh your memory, and then we work actual item sets to give you a hands-on practice before the exam itself.