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The effects will not be applied to the entire photo but rather just the area you brush over. Move it, bring it to the front or move it to the back of another object. This frame can be put over a picture of choice for a nice sidebar image look. There are a lot of awesome effects you can get from using filters as well. Brightness and Contrast Sometimes photos turn out either too bright or too dark.

Clipart Library Free clipart library. The objects tab is a collection of photo overlays such as lines, shapes, stickers, fb password hacking software clipart and other photos. PhotoScape has a whole bunch of clipart available right inside the program.

So if you are having trouble with this, you should resize the picture to the exact width of the sidebar. The large button below all of your editing features will combine the text and objects with the photo so be sure you want to keep it before you make that commitment.

Portable PhotoScape was reviewed by Elena Opris. Also on the tools tab, we have the mosaic feature.

When you save an image on Photoscape you will be presented with the option to save the picture as a. Becuase this is a portable product, PhotoScape does not need to be installed, so your Windows registry entries remain intact.

Photoscape and PhotoShop Effects Tutorials Swirl Effects

Newer Post Older Post Home. But you can add text to any image of your choice. This program will help you stay consistent in your branding. Pick and choose from our vast array of photo effects and filters. Creative extras Collage, embroidery, paint.

Photoscape and PhotoShop Effects Tutorials Swirl Effects

The film effects option also has a drop-down menu. Optionally, you can go up to the top left side and access all of the same options up there as well. The text option is what I really love about PhotoScape versus any of the online editors. The effects brushes are basically effects that you have much more control over via the brush tool.

Add Text To Images With Photoscape - Tutorial

The best part about PhotoScape is that you can use all of the fonts that you already have on your system. The options to the right are for selecting your object and repositioning layers. Editing Tools Crop, rotate, resize, flip. PhotoPad picture editor is the fastest and most fun way to edit your digital photos.

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On the left lower side it shows the selected folder containing the image we want to work on. In the home tab, you have options to resize your photos by simply clicking. Something very popular on Instagram is lowering the saturation of a photo so you can do that here as well. To show you how to resize and image I will use this beautiful picture of a heather area.

In the filter section, there are tons of different options. If not, then please do that first. You see it appears in the work space area.

The program picks up all of the fonts that you have on your system. The red-eye correction tool makes it super easy to fix all you do is hold on your left mouse button and drag it over the area you want to fix. Play with the opacity of the line, the line thickness and even the style of the line. The picture I use is already x pixels in size, the exact shape of the frame image.

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The frame images you will receive in the Template Packages are sized for the sidebar of that particular template. Background replacement Use selection and background tools to replace the background in your photos with transparency, color or another image. If you will be using PhotoPad at home you can download the free version here.

These banners are the correct size for using them as a shop banner on Etsy. You can duplicate the object or you can trash it with these options as well. On the bottom menu bar you can see the current size of the image stated. Once selected, you will see that the frame image will cover the underlying image perfectly. Here is the opening screen of Photoscape again, with the computer structure and the selected folder on the left, and our selected image in the work space area.

Above you see the opening screen from Photoscape. The Brightness and Contrast tools let you make simple adjustments to the tonal range of an image. So let's pretend you just bought such a package and you want to frame one of your pictures to upload it to your blog's sidebar.

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This blog post is a loose transcript of this video. For now, play around with this to see what you come up with. Don't forget to save it though! What is important is that the picture should be the size of the frame image. Once you have selected the area you want, just double click it and it will be cropped out for you.

Add Text To Images With Photoscape - Tutorial

Select a part of your image and apply an effect or use the paint brush to paint an effect onto part of your picture. As of today I will start selling Etsy Banner sets in my Shop. In it's current state it's x pixels in size. The tools tab also has other features like the paintbrush which has four sizes of a basic brush tip. Size of the photo, the name of the photo, and the dimensions of the photo.

This program picks up everything that you have already paid for and you have installed on your system. This time I will show you how you can add text to all your images by using the free photo editing program Photoscape download it for free at. If you have a picture that is larger than the frame image, follow the steps in the first part of this tutorial to resize an image. This is a PhotoScape tutorial that will review single image editing features.

The main difference between the two that I have noticed is that PhotoScape X has an option to add paid features that you can purchase within the software. Change the font, color, size and maybe give it an outline or apply a shadow to the text. Please watch the video version of this PhotoScape tutorial for visual reference. It's also easy to resize your photo for the web or for print using the resize tool. This means that you can just hold down your left mouse button and then drag it over the image to crop the area that you want.