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Escolar Mounts by King Sailfish Mounts

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So again we had to take turns with the hot air gun. It was damp and miserable and late, but I was hanging with cool dudes things were going well. Of course the gel coat that we had just applied didn't seem to like the sudden rise in humidity.

Would the impression be there, or would the resin have eaten through the gel coat and ruined our chances of molding this amazing world record fish? Here are some shots of the fish being re-weighed just after I arrived that afternoon. Charles Ebanks is quite well known in the Cayman Islands. Thought processes diminish and your mind and body go into auto-pilot. The anticipation was difficult to bear.

The sounds of crickets and frogs were definitely taking over. His family has fished Cayman waters for generations. Of course the fish was still cold so we scrounged around to find a hot air gun and then proceeded to take turns warming the fish.

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Guy Harvey in the Cayman Islands. He reeled in the bait and found it partially eaten. But that is what it was all about.

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Can you come down right way? On this particular evening, he was fishing for swords in the usual manner. An Official Scale had been set up and tested for accuracy. However, there would be no uncertainty, since it was nearly twice the size of the previous World Record.

So for us, now the fun began. At around midnight, it started to rain.

The Molding of the World Record Escolar. Charles Ebanks, cheryl bradshaw dating game interview preparing to weigh the new World Record Escolar later that afternoon. Luckily we had plenty of cold refreshments.

While he was freelining, it was eaten on the drop. Charles and the marina owner's son Steve I think volunteered to assist. They had all of the necessary materials, which was very cool. The resulting moisture can prevent the gel coat from picking up the impression from the surface of the fish. We started to position the fish around dark.

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