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The majority of playing cards were printed using wood blocks until about the s. For some time, there also was a stamp for tax-free playing cards. The last one was used from by Waddington and is still used in its standard-sized cards to the present day. Again, simple explanation.

  • Government for military use in the mid-fifties.
  • Tax Stamps on Playing Cards.
  • This can give you a clue as to when they were made.
  • Then there are the known dates of the individual makers.
  • Lee has since sent me some additional images of two League back Bicycle decks from his collection that also feature the white tax-free stamp, below.
Dating playing cards
How Old Is Your Deck

Aashi, list thank you so much for your kind words. Each player tries to make four of a kind. Sometimes there are mixed index types in the same pack. There were also decks produced by U.

The Deck of Desire Sexy Card Game

Sometimes it is not, but most of the time, it probably is. Object is to take as many cards as possible for the win! On the other hand, it isn't an easy matter unless you are aware of some general guidelines in this area. Many poker players feel that the new decks are inferior to the older ones made in New York before the acquisition - current-issue decks come from the plant at Erlanger, and Cincinnati before that.

Note that the top one has the Goodall joker, whereas the bottom on has a Waddington one. The illustration below gives two examples of packs made for Cosmos lamps from c. It's found with Goodall courts after the take-over, but seems to have been discontinued by c.

Card Games for Two With a Deck of Cards

Dating playing cards

Pip and index types Goodall There are some very short-lived types, too. These stamps are similar to the one above. You can assume most companies started using bar codes at this time as well.

Manufacturer Names

This is when modern playing card seals were developed. There are other index differences, too, but the Qs are the most obvious. If you see a deck was produced by one of these companies, you know it was produced prior to the acquisition date.

Combine that with the abundance of other manufacturers in the game by now and Kem isn't the shining star it once was. Kei Izumi, a collector from Japan, found a Motor No. So make sure to check what kind of printing process was used on your deck. Yes, ratings for online I know one of the jokers could have gone awol!

41 A Guide to Dating Playing Cards

This is a subtle difference, but may help with dating, if all else fails. But, I have found evidence that the dating code was actually in use prior to which is why I have amended the chart to include highlighted in yellow, below. Bridge score cards In those packs where a bridge-score card has been included, we find a very useful aid to dating for a short period at any rate. Testing your memory skills while playing with all cards face down!

Dating playing cards

You can see from this close-up that the registration number and maker's name are different in each case. Being very deceptive is important as you try to fib your way into winning! So if your deck includes these, it was likely produced after this date. It must also be remembered that plates wore out quickly, dating so there are many redrawings of even one version.

Dating Information - Coca-Cola Playing Cards

We can use all our clues to try to date individual packs. The red and the black backs with a white border date from this time. It wouldn't kill me if you just edited once in a while. Do they all come in Bakelite cases? Therefore, Congress cards and any other pre-faced brands stopped using the codes altogether.

  1. There's a three or four digit code on all their Aces of Spades.
  2. Have you been looking for something fun to do with your better half?
  3. But figuring out a new card game is half the fun, right?
  4. And remember, to help you with your game playing experience just click on the name of the game for instructions on how to play each one!
  5. This is really only relevant to decks in the United States.
  6. Manufacturer's Seals on Playing Cards.

Dating Information

Did you miss your activation email? Try out this super fun card game date night we created! Here are some details relating to the immediate post-war period. And I can't get enough of my family and friends!

How To Date A Deck of Playing Cards (USPC)

The Deck of Desire Sexy Card Game - The Dating Divas

A Guide to Dating Playing Cards - The World of Playing Cards

For more information about Manufacturers Stamps, see the Manufacturers Stamps article on this website. The last two digits are the year of manufacture and the other digits are the month. Usually on the outside of the deck's box, or even on the ace of spades there is a manufacturers address. This would be such a fun date night challenge.

Keep in mind that a tax stamp may not be an absolutely accurate way to date a deck. Invite over your friends, this will be a fun night! Later cases came in more simple and plain black flat plastic cases, and even later in slip cases similar to Congress brand decks. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. All you need is a deck of cards to play these fun card games for two!

Card Games for Two With a Deck of Cards - From The Dating Divas

The Bakelite cases were first, if I recall, with either a single deck or two decks side by side, stored vertically. But there are a number of card-internal characteristics that can be very useful as a guide to date. The court cards usually showed the legs and feet of the court. Also, backs from the s often have a flavour of pre-war Art Deco. To the left is a stamp that was in use by the U.

There is nothing better than having everything in one place! The borderless back, however, is by Universal from c. Since there is many dates for each letter, you should use the rest of this information to select the correct year for the deck.

When it comes to game night, dating not everyone is ready to jump in with both feet. So it is possible that the deck was produced years before the tax stamp was even applied. Within those four numbers the first two represent the week of the year and the second two represent the last two digits of the year. The code consists of a letter usually followed by a number. Use the chart below to determine the year the deck was printed.

Learn a new easy way to play this crazy game! Set it up to find when they come home! This is most of what I know about dating a deck of cards. Newer ones, generally less.

How To Date A Deck of Playing Cards

Snap is all about mental reaction time, and one of the few games in which luck plays no part at all. They were made the official deck of the World Series of Poker in with the Bicycle brand name on them and have suffered two major scandals since. It varies too widely to say for sure, but Bakelite is the first publicly available plastic, a phenolic brittle plastic, which is why they are chipped or broken easily. Dates on cards are often no guide either. This is a great way to date older sealed decks as well.

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