Dating rossi rifles, find my model

This is an expensive game to get started in. Know what it's like to shoot on a very tight budget and still do. Stock revolvers and shotguns will function just fine. These gallery guns also had better sights, typically with adjustable rears and a post front.

The main thing is to have fun and shoot safe! None of the above shoot any more but my wife, Sly Puppy got into this action shooting and started with the Rossi. Nothing more fun than playing cowboy or in my case Townsman. The rifles never faltered. If you can not or dont want to spend that kind of cash to play the game.

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It wouldn't matter anyway since I would never do that to my guns. This is my first foray into cowboy type gun competition. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. However, they did not have the commercial success that its forefathers did. Plan on spending the most money and effort on your rifle to get started.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. We gave him the rifle, a brick of. Just recently sold it to another Cowboy.


They also continue to go up in value. About the owner of InterArms passed away. She now shoots the Marlin Cowboy rifle.

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Bottleneck cartridges always feed better than straightwall cartridges. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art. This has been a very good thread and I have enjoyed all the post. The company picked up a new president, Mr. That very year the new Model slide-action.

Rossi USA - Find My Model - Dating rossi 22 cal pump rifle

This minimized trigger slap and, along with the long sight radius on its inch barrel, made the gun extremely accurate. They also do not have the pigtail safety on the bolt. So, yes, eventually I want the slickest, fastest rifle out there.

Wife and I started while still in college and newlyweds. All have worked just fine - my daughter won her category at the Montana state match two years running with the aforementioned smooth Rossi. Yep, good title for online dating that's the one I was trying to research when this thread stated.

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As long as I keep the crud out of the action they do their job flawlessly. There are some qualitative differences in them based on the level of finish, walnut stock, etc, requested by the re-seller. That logic is probably sound if you're going to be a competitive shooter who is willing to invest a lot of money and time in getting good in this game. But for now, durban I don't have the funds to be serious about getting one. This new machinery has allowed them to make some parts better fitted.

The only thing I have done to them is replace the silly plastic followers with stainless steel one from the Smith Shop, and I have one with a Stainless steel follower spring. Good questions to ask yourself when selecting gear. Congratulations to the cowboy who will succeed it! My goal is to get in the game.

  1. Both guns are much more reliable and are faster than the Rossi now sold.
  2. The Rossi's have never had a hiccup with grain.
  3. As to my goals within the game, I am very competitive.
  4. When I view Rossi's website, it appears that their.

The guns were durable and well liked. Or you can leave it in the vault as a back up gun, it is less likely to break than many other rifles. They are both good running guns and I enjoy them. When you invest in a gun for the game you are also investing in your enjoyment of the game. Am I good enough right now to justify the cost?

It was a totally different time when your son started this game. He turned out to be a pretty good shooter but might not have gotten into the game at all if we had to lay out a pile of money just so he could try the game and see if he liked it. Now that's a much better synopsis than I could ever have come up with! But speed will come with practice. Then, a few years ago, Taurus became involved with Amadeo Rossi and formed the Braztech Corporation to become the exclusive importer of Rossi rifles.

The gun was fitted with basic bead front and open rear sights. Here is my take on Rossi history. This enabled it to cycle either.

Its not the fastest rifle in the game. My daughter was the top overall woman shooter at last year's two day Montana Territorial shoot using a very slick Rossi. Look what is sitting in folks gun carts.

Dating rossi rifles

Dating Rossi Model 92 ( mag)

But I don't think I will part with either Rossi. My Grand-Daughter used the other Rossi Puma. Now armed with two Rossi pumps, me and Tim tried to wear each of them out. Shooting gallery with Winchester rifles. Rifles can be quite different.

They needed new rifles, better rifles and to come up with new ideas he reached out for new blood. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. It is my understanding the heirs didn't care to continue with the operation of InterArms so the stock on hand was sold off at a reduced price.

They get better with just a bit of work. On the other hand, reloading on shell from the top is easier. Great Inexpensive rifle to start with. But does have some age on it.

Sometimes we need to economize somewhere when we are starting out. All things being equal, I can't beat her anymore, no matter what I shoot. Good luck with what ever you decide to shoot.

The story of the Rossi as best I can tell - SASS Wire - SASS Wire Forum

  • What was hundreds of rounds a month became thousands.
  • What are your goals in the game?
  • If you can afford to buy the best.
  • Everyone should do the same.
  • What else coud one ask from a rifle?

What do you want to get out of the game? Im not sure who did the action work as it was purchased used from another shooter. Gallery guns typically were chambered for. Hence, I am told, I will grow out of it quickly.

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