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Here's a clip just incase you can't bear to be missing out on it any longer. He admits to Tate that while he probably would not have accomplished too much in life, some of the other people he killed would have made a difference. It makes it so much easier to work. Real-life clowns are not fans of Twisty. He hasn't aged a day since, has he?

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In reality, the student who had been asked about her belief and then shot was Valeen Schnurr. The Chicken Coop Murders were real, too. That Rubber Man costume was skin tight!

Season Six, let's take a look back at Evan Peter's iconic on-screen career. Hotel Cortez is based off a real hotel in Chicago.

Then he was in a movie called Adult World. In fact, we do it everyday. This confusion is similar to the fact that Tate supposedly asked Stephanie Boggs about her faith before killing her, when he actually never spoke. But even loyal viewers might not know the whole story. Kevin is the second one in the library to be killed by Tate, discovered soon after Stephanie is shot.

Bet you didn't catch Evan Peters in Ghost Whisperer either, did ya? Unless you're President of the Evan Peters Fan Club, god dating tips we guarantee a few of these would have slipped through your web of fangirl. Chances are you probably missed the one Evan Peters was in.

Holmes built the hotel with the purpose of murdering his guests and stashing their bodies in the hotel's many trap doors, chutes and hidden passages. It later became known as the Murder Castle.

Ashley Rickards and Evan Williams - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Who knew Zachary Quinto was such a fanatical banjo aficionado? We feel like Paulson and Lange were pretty chill about it. Then again, neither did Pennywise. Could this mean there was more than one killer?

He says it's not his blood, but the blood of another student who was shot near him. Zachary Quinto loved to play the banjo on set. Holmes in Chicago before the world's fair in the late s. Murder House Kevin Gedmam is dressed as a punk rocker and is wearing a black leather jacket. To be fair, Twisty doesn't exactly make me want to run into a clown anytime soon.