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The things he said were real. It usually takes most banks anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to clear a check or money order.

Often, scammers prefer to use female photo profiles. Some scammers are out to use your name and address to ship goods bought with stolen credit cards. The fraudster knows all the right things to say and will put you on a pedestal.

Indeed, the Nigerian scam artist is a whole different breed. Perhaps the most known is the Nigerian dating scam. Nigerian dating scam does not always involve money, dating stanley spoke shaves for sale however. Nigerian scams are often not easy to detect. Photographs from other dating profiles have also been known to be used.

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He advises people meet their potential love interests for a safe coffee date in a public place, before escalating the relationship. This can take up to twelve months talk of patience and often there is promise of marriage. Then the scammer asks for a big favor.

This is because the photographs used are not real. He had nursed her until she died. They spoke over the phone and exchanged about romantic emails a day. Barbara says her world fell apart. Contact is initiated, often but not always, by the scammer.

He had a daughter who was killed in a motor vehicle accident in her mid-twenties and he had a year-old granddaughter who he was supporting. Those numbers are expected to be even higher because many cases go unreported. The stage is set and now begins the grooming phase. In most cases, scammers target older middle-aged people seeking long term relationships.

In a way, the people whose images are used in these scams are victims as well. Before long, you are in the greatest romance journey of your life. The photographs are usually stolen from modeling agencies.

Once a trusting bond has been established, you are ripe for picking.

The scammer can usually hire a voice of the right gender, and even accent, for a phone conversation. Thirdly, they can be exceptionally patient. At this age the person is likely to be desperate therefore gullible and this age group is likely to be financially stable. The victim is asked to cash the money orders or checks and then wire the money to the scammer via Western Union or Moneygram. Plus, some of them could rival an Oxford English professor in language prowess, especially written language.

The grooming phase is when the relationships and trust are built. But the person I talked to four or five, up to ten times a day, the voice was always the same, very real.

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Though most forms of communication are used, including email, Instant Messaging, and Chat, the scammer will shun live video chat. He promised to pay her back and said he was planning to come to Vancouver so they could start a future together. She admits she was naive and believed other people on Christian Mingle would be honest and kind. He also sent her photos of his oil rig project. The goods are first shipped to you, and then you are asked to reship to the scammers chosen destination which is usually in Nigeria.

For one, he or she is usually of a higher education level, often a college or university graduate or higher. Secondly, they do their homework. Scammers seem to prefer using white people images, apparently cashing in on certain perceptions and stereotypes. She may have to sell her condo. They also use pictures of foreign models and celebrities not known in the target country.

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Due to mistrust of anything involving Nigeria, con artists have started operating from other countries of West Africa such as Ghana and Benin. The money orders or checks will turn out fraudulent.