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He's tasked with nothing less than rescuing the Earth, and the entire Milky Way, from the clutches of the all-consuming Reapers that are threatening them as never before. Sunless Sea is an experience like no other. Still, Nioh won't disappoint gamers hungry for a rich and immersive action game. It's vast in scope, and filled with mysteries to uncover. On that level, Sonic Mania is very much like the sprite-based Sonic titles that came before it.

Basic exploration and adventure has to be pretty special to pique our interest - handily the Magic Circle is just that. The once-free mod that deserved a full, paid release finally got just that this year on Early Access. Perhaps to the game's detriment, Nioh has a mountain of systems that new players must learn before they can tackle the higher difficulties. On the upside, the space opera has several sizable open-world environments to explore and a thrilling combat system. Skylines is a solid city builder in its own right.

New computer games 2015

It's not luck that will save you, but rather careful planning and clever execution. On a basic level, Okami has a similar gameplay structure to The Legend of Zelda series, in that players must explore expansive zones to unlock power ups and clues that lead to new areas to explore. Geralt's impassive determination in the face of such horror is a refreshing change from the grand heroism of most fantasy role-playing protagonists.

Hunting for the many cosmetic upgrades and new techniques will keep you bludgeoning and impaling long after the credits roll. However, several updates have since addressed many of those issues and added new playable characters.

The first-person puzzle game focuses on solving increasingly challenging puzzles using a dimension-shifting tool within a mansion filled with wacky inventions. Yes, this guide goes into some depth on each game entry, but the ability to link to a full review benefits those looking for a deeper cut. These issues may turn off less patient players, but those hoping for a grand, long-lived adventure across an action-packed open world will find plenty to discover and enjoy. Mankind Divided, the newest entry in Square Enix's cyberpunk series. You once again play as Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop, and Claire Redfield, a woman searching for her brother after the events of the first Resident Evil.

Forge is well worth downloading. It's an astounding artistic and technical achievement that's worth playing. Deadlock sets itself on ground left relatively untouched by either series, taking players into the throes of the first Cylon war. Still, it's a lot of fun if you can accept the gameplay changes. But those thrilling boss fights more than make up for it.

Yes, it's beloved by millions, but the concussions that result from giants hurling themselves at each other are an undeniable problem. More importantly, the playable characters known as Champions show a deep level of variation, and each match's competition level increases as the game sinks you deeper and deeper into addiction.

The veneer is a fine one, and Battlefront has some good action to offer, including a playable Emperor Sheev Palpatine. Xanadu Next makes excellent use of its uncomplicated systems to deliver a fantastic dungeon-crawling experience that's well worth checking out.

Just play against human opponents if you wish to maintain your sanity. There is an obvious history and weight to the events leading up to this game that can be intimidating for newcomers, but the crux of the conflict is more centralized and concise. Inquistion's Jaws of Hakkon add-on, though, surprised us all by being a really very good extra five-to-eight hours of exploration, lore, battling and banter. The game mechanics have been changed to make it easier to customize your environments and surroundings, giving users millions of ways to create the worlds of their choice. Deadfire-style text adventure as your brave adventurers sail on their way.

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You can run across the battlefield, ducking in and out of cover, board a helicopter, hop on the mini-gun, cut enemies to shreds, then hop off the gun and repair the helicopter while in flight. Cartoony fun has its place, too. One or two rats we can deal with without jumping onto the table and gently screaming. Complexity, creativity, intellectual stimulation - Infinifactory has all the ingredients of a truly great puzzle game.

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Forge to anyone who's looking for a solid multiplayer shooter. The Coalition-developed title offers a new team to fight with, new toys to play with, and all-new enemies to shred, either alone or with a friend. While we wait, let's reminisce about the best of the year so far.

Revengeance, is a straight hack-and-slash action game starring stooge-turned-badass, Raiden. Each level also introduces its own unique elements, such as disappearing blocks, colored switches, and keys. Symphony of the Night and Metroid to deliver a refined experience for newcomers of the genre and seasoned vets alike. It's a marvelous collection, one that shows why Street Fighter is one of the most important and beloved video game series. Here's what we came up with.

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New computer games 2015

The character headcount is impressive, but it's the individual characters that truly make the game shine. Never before has the Total War moniker been more apt as you see Europe razed by the Huns. Add Ikaruga-style colour-based puzzling into the mix, and you have the makings of a seriously smart, seriously hard platformer built from delicious triangles. Spartan Strike maintains much of that game's strengths, while cutting out most, but not all, of its weakness. It's also helplessly running from danger, while watching your last drops of breathable air trickle away.

The Phantom Pain is the best game in the long-running stealth series. However, if you can look past these issues, you're in for an enjoyable time. Kickstarter has essentially broken game history, giving fans the world over the chance to resuscitate comatose genres and give developers the chance to reclaim their history.

Top new PC games of 2015

Fortunately, sentiments toward Infinite changed dramatically upon the game's release. Hundreds of them congealed together in a writhing, infested sea of shrill squeaking, not so much.

Thankfully, Digital Eclipse has taken up the games-preservation task, blessing gamers with titles that celebrate classics via accurate emulation and a bounty of production-related extras. The game offers accessible mechanics, a cartoony art style, and an overall sense of fun that's rare in today's sports games. The result is a collection that looks, sounds, and feels like the pinball games of yore. The unique premise, rich environments, and fun gameplay combine to form a game with a lot of heart and charm, maps of dota despite the limited scope of its weapons and power-ups.

Simply put, this an ever-expanding collection of entertaining titles you should buy if you own a gaming desktop or gaming laptop. Ever since single-handedly saving the original Xbox, Halo has remained Microsoft's gaming cash cow, so sticking its name on something is a great way to drum up extra interest. The game introduces fantastic movement elements, clever stealth systems, and parry-heavy swordplay as the ninja protagonist, Sekiro, battles gods and monsters. It's also a tale involving a pelvis-thrusting man, referred to as both Walking Erection and Mr.