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Ashtavakra-Janak sanvaad evam prashnottar ke maadhyam se Osho dharm, saadhana, tatha chetna ki atal gahrai mein hamein le chalte hain. Bhitar jagte hi uska pata chalta hai jo mit hi nahi sakta. Ishvar ko upasthiti ki bhanti samjhe, vyakti ki bhanti nahi.

Hi, Can anyone upload Geeta Darshan? Humans have an inbuilt drive to search for their inner power and potentiality. That Ghost was a creation of the mind and so are most of our problems. Its natural for a man to forget promises, wedding dates, and birthday but a woman always cherishes these things. Nice Website we are also working in Online Radio Music and welcome you to visit our website.

If you have that with you, please send that to me deep. Dariya sahab ke sutra se aarambh hoti hui yah pravachan mala vividh bhangimaon ke saath Osho ki vaani se rassikt hai. Whatever I've I will upload them.

Vipassana sabse kimti dhyan hai. Goenka, prepared under his guidance and with his approval. Marpa Infotech eV gabond- Tech Solutions. The man was surprised to see the ghost of his dead wife but now he could do nothing about it, so he kept quite.

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Kathinayi chaahe prem ke panth ki ho ya dhyaan ke maarg ki, pandhrah pravachanon ki is prashnottar pravachanmala mein Osho ne sabhi prashnon ke atyant saral aur subodh samaadhan diye hain. What can i say about that man he really make my life i better place to live without him i m also in the same gutter in which other people have thank u bhagwan. Yah samaj tumhare dukh par ji rahe ho. Ya phir vinamrata se labh milega to vah vinamar hone ko bhi taiyar hai.

He says truly that God is every where. Once a Man lost his Loving wife.

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Vichar shant ho jaye, akash se badaliya chali jayen, akash hi bache jo chetna se alokit ho. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me.

Mind knows reality through logic while intuition is how the spirit experiences reality. Aankh band kiye ho yah tumhaara nirnay hai. The mind projects things from the past. Buddha ke ye sutra hame jagne ke liye prerit karte hai.

Osho Hindi Video Download Free. Is apoorva sanvaad ko mahageeta kehkar Osho ne usme anoothi praan-pratistha ki hai. Audio and Video discources available in OshoWorld.

Hi everyone, Can you upload Osho's audio or video discourses on Buddha, if anyone have it. Hi, Really i appreciate if anybody post Geeta audio discourses for geeta. Hi there, birthday invitation card Hey Lovers please help to download the book called Intuition Knowing beyond logic!

Jis kshan jag aa jaaye vahi. Dear friend, Let me check as to whether I've them in my collections or not. The man remain truthful to his dead wife for a while but destiny had stored some thing else for him.

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The Dhammapada is a collection of sayings of the Gautama the Buddha in verse form and one of the most widely read and best known Buddhist scriptures. But that site no longer is accessible. Yah pranayam nahi hai, shvas ki naisargik gati ko sakshibhav se dekhna hi vipassana hai. Most of time what we believe and see in this world is a Projection of our mind.

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If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Iska artha hua, kisi bhi kshan jaag sakte hai. Usase upar uthkar dhyan me utarna chahiye tabhi jivan ka arth samajh mei ayega.

Hi, dear Cool Deep sir, actually i am a big fan of osho, but i don't have enough of his audio discourses. Ekant dyan ki bhumika hai, avyastata dhyan ka dvar hai, prakriti sannidhya dhyan me atyant sahayogi hai.

Yet in this talk Osho describes love as the most potent remedy to fear as he takes us on a journey through the multidimensional layers of love, the antidote of antidotes. Here Osho deals with the difference between the intellectual, logical mind and the more encompassing realm of spirit or intuition. Jaat, paat, dharm, raajneeti mein chipe hue paakhand ka pardafaash karte hue Osho hamein ek anant ki yatra ka sanket dete hain.

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This was the first book to appear in English that accurately describes the practice of Vipassana at length for the general reader. Guestbook Share your thoughts in our GuestBook! We can only see those things which we are already aware of. After listening to his discourses, it is very very impressive as on date. Ise aharnish kahi bhi kiya ja sakta hai.

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His discourses are very very impressive and straight forward. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall.