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Pat would prefer something along the lines of asking why Jack is in their factory. Who the hell talks this way?

Pat realizes it makes sense given he had a whole army between him and Jack so he didn't need to run fast at all. This is the reaction of more than a few contestants on Chopped when opening the mystery basket. It's impossible, inconceivable, incomprehensible, and besides that, it's no good.

Pat wonders why nobody is concerned about the gunfight on an airplane, which Matt excuses due to Jack being a stealthy tactician. Matt hits a checkpoint while critical on health and in a massive gunfight with multiple thugs, resulting in a constant loop of spawning and dying. Because it was on the television show!

This is the Nine O'Clock Noose. They realize yet again just how pointless all of Jack's kills have been up to this point. What do you say about the situation?

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It all sounds like some bad movie. The duo can't figure out what the purpose of the room or that encounter was.

When they learn who the real mastermind was, Matt actually has to pause the game to complain. That's what I get for showing you mah balls. Matt refuses, dating turns into a relationship as things have always gone wrong when he does that.

Matt attributes his ability to defeat the area on being barely human. That script is acted out onscreen and is nearly half the movie. When the Doctor meets his future self this inevitably happens.

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Who Writes This Crap?!

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Two Souls and Pat is annoyed he can't disgaree. Throughout the Pelagia fight, the boys joke that its weak point is on its genitals due to it being located underneath the Colossus. The first enemy encounter they run into has them getting cornered by a bunch of goons in a tiny crevice and blasted from almost-full health to dead in a matter of seconds. Pat idly notes the gameplay would be a lot smoother if there was a dedicated Shadow button.

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