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Just about every element of the game is moving almost the whole time, slowly swaying to the eerie music playing in the background, which sets the perfect tone for the game's action. Zombies How To Play Plants vs. Pros Very simple install, anyone can do it. Summary I think this is a pre-teen kinda thingy. You can check out a bigger range of the zombies further down the review.

It is About Time was released in by Popcap games. This way, you'll get the basics down quickly and can continue to apply them as the levels increase in difficulty, and more variables are introduced.

All these worlds have their unique characteristics as well as different kinds of zombies that will challenge your strategy skills. What do you like most about this program? Zombies game also provides many different bonus round challenges to further mix the game play and give you a welcome break from the main adventure.

When playing Plant vs Zombies has a musical score which has received a lot of praise from critics. You purchase the extra spots along with further special plants from Crazy Dave at certain stages in the game. Each zombie has its own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. Zombies download, the cartoon graphics are top notch. Zombies are invading your home, beat extractor and the only defense is your arsenal of plants!

Summary overall, the game is one of my favorite pc games. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you want to show the undead that they picked a bad time for a zombie apocalypse, check our other zombie games!

Inspire the world to play

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Your aim is to protect your house from zombies by placing various plants in your garden.

If anyone would like to contribute to this review by elaborating on these modes then drop us an email at. When playing the player has to defend themselves from zombies.

Zombies are slow to learn but they will figure out how to adapt to your garden's upgrades! Zombies are coming through your garden and they don't look so eco-friendly! Boost your plants to ensure those zombies are lawn-gone! Advertisements or commercial links. Zombies is a hugely entertaining game.

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From an every day zombie with your grandad's stinky old brown clothes on to an American football player or even a bobsled team, Plants vs. Cons Some levels are quite difficult. With clearer graphics compared to the original release, this title offers a new level of excitement with three new worlds to play. Check out the video at the top of the page to see some live zombie action! In any alarm sound you will see zombies appearing.

Epic Multiplayer Running game! This game is free and easy to play. What I like about this game is that you get to see and travel through different time and places. Pros Helps users test their defence and cordination capability. As you progress through the game Zombie attacks become larger, meaner and more ludicrous.

Zomboss is waiting to take you on at the end of every world! Pros quick and easy install, easy to understand and start playing Cons I just don't see the pull in this game. Try to win this badge too! Sometimes I share with my friends and enjoy it.

Zombies download in its full version by clicking the download link above the movie. Some levels take place during the daytime.

When I learned about this game from a friend it made me download it immediately. Zombies game is one of the most fun and humorous defense games in the casual genre.

Power up attacks, double-down defenses, speed up planting time, and even gain entirely new abilities. They bob slay down, jump out and attack your plants, get the cherry bomb ready again! Each zombie-zapping plant has its function, and there are different roles such as defense, attack or support.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. It is interesting when you play and break the vases that kill the zombies. Free Pogo account required. Well you collect sunlight which in turn you use to grow plants to kill zombies. The movie is a great way to see what the game has in store for you before you download it, we made one especially for Games Lunatic fans.

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As the game advances players can purchase upgrades with different defensive abilities. Not much thinking involved. Play three fun modes in this strategy game. Wall-nuts are known for their extremely sturdy and stubborn outer shell that can take some chewing through! Until now, I still have not finished the game.

Every zombie has a unique toon appearance. It has a better sound track than the first version. This game was published by electronic arts after being developed by popcap games.

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Cons so far i have not run into any cons, but i can see this game becoming slightly boring after a while. This game did not disappoint me. Very simple install, anyone can do it. Combining different features from both the zombie and strategy genres, Plants vs Zombies has become a great favourite among online gamers.

The nocturnal cherry bomb with even bigger explosions, the Doomshroom can take out a considerable amount of zombies. Swims through your swimming pool and avoids attacks by plants on top of lilies. Otherwise, you can still play those games if you fulfill additional missions and solve brain-teasing challenges found on various levels. Grab your stuff while you still can. Game play is also marvellous, it's so easy to get into the flow of the game without any lengthy instructions to read, yet another effortless point and click classic from Popcap.

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Zombies Download Full Version. In addition, you will receive a new plant seed at the end of each successfully completed level.