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What if you actually are right now! His concept is fully explained at quantumjumping.

Find out ways you can improve your life by brightening your energy field in this inspirational article. Burt Goldman email burgol aol. In infinity, everything that can be imagined is happening now.

Selected pages Title Page. This book will show you how. We feel honored Burt Goldman has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. Burt Goldman is one of those lucky people who discovered a secret early in life. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

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To request a refund, please click here to submit your Refund Application Form. You can then review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and my headache was gone. In the Infinite Mind, which encompass all universes and all possibilities, whatever version of yourself you can imagine or want to be, exists.

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Mountain trekker, scaling the highest summits. How to relax again, when something is getting to me. After the second, my attitude is more of a knowing what my true potential is. All you need are a few techniques and confidence.

All the things you do, indeed, all of life itself requires energy. Quantum Leap into your Alternative Reality.

The scientific concept of a vast endless sea of bubbles, each bubble containing a great universe. Success, failure and creativity each have their own vibrations, as well.

In these parallel universes, you may be living out an entirely different destiny, with different talents, relationships and upbringings. He did the same with photography and became an award-winning photographer, also without formal training. Going through the door to my other healthy self and staying there for a short while, I started to feel better.

This hidden, mysterious aspect of your mind stores and retrieves an almost infinite amount of data. We offer a satisfaction guarantee for a full two weeks so that you can try out the course risk-free. But in an infinite universe, your twin selves exist in every occupation, with every talent and in every time.

With a quantum jump you can reach that twin self and bring back to this reality the energy, or rhythm of that self. And how dramatically could this transform your life? In this special healing meditation created specifically for this course, Burt combines the three aspects of reality for the ultimate metaphysical healing-the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

If you could shake a stick times a second, the hum you would hear would be a perfect A. All you have to do is stretch your mind and imagine, what would it be like if you could take a trip and meet these other versions of yourself?

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This is where I met powerful Korean mystic Mr. TimeIndependent Perturbations. Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! In the present reality there is no now as time is a flow always moving, the words you are reading are already in the past, look away from them and they exist only in your memory.

This is where he met powerful Korean mystic Mr. Burt also applied this method to visual art, journeying to his fully realized artistic Self in a parallel dimension, to create paintings. By setting your thoughts and actions to these frequencies, you become a master creator of your reality. And these other versions of you can teach you how to accomplish what they have, because they want to connect with you, see you happy, and be successful. Rotation of Basis States and Matrix Mechanics.

Supposedly it goes beyond, and is much more enlightening than lucid dreaming. It is a living, thinking archive of potential called your subconscious mind, and it is more powerful than you can possibly imagine. It is my promise to you to offer nothing but proven techniques that have been tested and fine-tuned with hundreds of thousands. As I told a dear friend of mine the other day, make taking this course your highest priority and we will no longer have conversations of your fears.

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Maybe you grew up wanting to be a world-class chef, or an inventor, or a writer. How can I reach Customer Support?

Get an inside peek into the mind of Burt Goldman, the man behind Quantum Jumping, as he explains his journey of using Quantum Jumping to become an artist, painter, and entrepreneur. Google Burt Goldman and you will find a most remarkable man.

Quantum Physics now indicates a likelihood of many, possibly an infinite number, of universes. But before I go further into how it works and what it can do for you, I think that you should hear about the success others have experienced with Quantum Jumping. Before I decided to write this Quantum Jumping How To article, ms publisher viewer I was constantly bombarding myself with the fear of judgement.

Jump Into A Universe Of Infinite Possibilities

Jump Into A Universe Of Infinite Possibilities

This book covers all the topics that are typically presented in a standard upper-level course in quantum mechanics, but its teaching approach is new. Cynthia Sue Larson and George Weissmann. Picture the greater universe as an endless series of still photographs that become activated when they are observed. The changes have been subtle, but gratifying.