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Additionally, Conniff has one foster son, Richard J. His second album was Dance the Bop!

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He studied music arranging from a course book. Although he never abandoned his musical career, he spent time in introspection, dissecting pop music and putting together his own theories of rhythm and rhyme.

Bibo, from his marriage to Ann Marie Engberg in the s. His music is also featured prominently in the movie, There's Something About Mary. As an arranger for Columbia, Conniff produced his first top-five chart hit within a year of joining that label.

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Conniff is credited as the first arranger to use voices to double as instruments on his recordings, and in the mids was the first to stage a live concert using three-channel stereo feeds.

He brought his chorus to increasing prominence with his trademark sound, crediting the Ray Conniff Singers on several albums. With the advent of bebop in the late s and early s, Conniff withdrew into a self-imposed exile from the popular music scene and all but disappeared as a musical presence. When it sold poorly, he had it withdrawn from the market. These collections also feature rare singles and previously unissued tracks. The Singles Collection, Vol.

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He always worked in the background so that in the fifties there were rumours that Conniff didn't even exist and that his name was as fake as his orchestral sound was sensational. Ray Conniff Singers membership. Musically different highlights in Conniff's career are two albums he produced in cooperation with Billy Butterfield, speed dating events in anchorage an old buddy from earlier swing days.

It was an experiment by one of the brass at Columbia to cash in on a conceived dance step creation, but from the outset, Conniff disliked it. The job offered only low-profile exposure, but success tapped Conniff squarely on the shoulder after he relocated to New York City in the mids.

The single and album also reached high positions in the international charts a. He received a jump-start into the recording industry in by taking a job with Columbia Records through the backing of the popular producer and bandleader Mitch Miller.

Conniff was a quiet, modest sympathetic artist. Yet as an arranger at Columbia Records during the s, he charted repeatedly with the instrumental and vocal arrangements that he prepared for other artists. Both albums are pure light jazz and did not feature any vocals.

These collections feature rare singles and previously unissued tracks. In the booth Mitch was totally surprised and excited at how well it worked. He once told a fan he was very religious and credits much of his success to prayer and a higher power.

The single and album reached high positions in the international charts a. Later in the s he produced an average of two instrumental and one vocal album a year. His music is also featured prominently in the movie There's Something About Mary.

Beginning in the late s, Conniff adapted to the changing times and successfully accommodated the rising popularity of rock music without sacrificing his style. Among these recordings are a series of albums with his Grammy-winning choral group, the Ray Conniff Singers. Biography Biography Conniff was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts, and learned to play the trombone from his father. Sources Conductor and composer Ray Conniff is sometimes hailed disparagingly as the godfather of Muzak. Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Japan as well.