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Yes it tries to place shortcuts everywhere if you choose the default install. It is indeed bloated, intrusive, and really not worth using because of all the alternatives out there. Try the player and choose for yourself. You have to sit and wait while the splash and ad's got done playing.

Needed for proprietary file types and web streaming, and yes, still a bit bloated. Real Media Player is crud. If a media file i come across is a real i just skip it! Seems that companies will resort to all sorts of underhanded schemes to command your desktop!

And to do that, you can't just disable it in the options. This is the first big upgrade though beta in i don't know how many years. It also has a messaging feature that sends entertainment news to your desktop, this feature can be completely disabled for those that know how to read, or take the time to do so. They are always correctly formatted for the device.

You have not saved any software. If I click on the Windows mixer I can turn off the Realplayer volume there. Saying Real Player has spyware is like calling Windows Update spyware. If someone wants to have realmedia support without the full realplayer - download RealPlayer Enterprise or Helix Player for Windows! As someone has already pointed out, it simply does not work all too frequently.

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Real Radio's jazz station BlueNote is by itself a good enough reason to stop bashing this player. You also have the ability to share Live Albums that notify your friends when you add to them. Learn how to use the program and disable all notifications and such annoyances. Unless this version introduces some new conflict with my particular system, I'd recommend sticking with the previous build. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

It keeps trying to contact Real Networks servers to send back info about me nowhere does it tell me exactly what. Link to download this from betanews isn't working. And to my mind, iTunes is worse than its rep.

Was also tough to get a complete uninstall on. We have enough media format. Download our screensaver for free! Simple minded people who don't like change or options can always stick with the old fave, winamp and foobar and let those who can, deal with Realplayer. Have no had any problems with it at all.

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Com realplayer er not working chrome realplayer video er free realplayer online video er software. It is efficient software that allows you to play Real files without having to install any programs from RealNetworks.

Using RealPlayer is like having a large metal rod inserted into your anus. RealTimes is the next generation of RealPlayer Cloud. What's discouraging is that dummies, newbies, and old ladies will run across the ubiquitous RealPlayer icon on the Web, and download this crapware. Your friends don't even have to create an account or download an app to watch your shared video. Overall, Total Video Converter's basic conversion function is quick and easy, norton antivirus 2011 trial version 60 days but the suite does have less than stellar editing abilities.

BetaNews continues to promote dispicable spyware programs like RealOne, while being an implacable hater of Microsoft! This always seems to happen hen Firefox puts out a new update, it takes a while for Real to catch up. And just kill the realsched from starting in the registry and your good to go. This is all my own opinion.

Windows Media Player plays sound but no video. - Microsoft Community

English - Hindi Dictionary download. So basically, it still installs several hundred files just to play RealMedia.

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Then, I have to keep removing crap from the startup group in my registry. Someone should mercifully and humanely put this monster out of its misery. This media player is completely terrible. It's a major cookie dropper. It's very similair to RealOne with one big difference - the Options.

Just get RealOne Corporate Desktop. Total Audio Converter Total Audio Converter is a well built utility that can convert almost anything you can throw at it. Time to put this baby to rest.

Just search for it at RealNetworks. Most of yesterday's reasons for despising RealPlayer no longer hold. Try it on your own for an accurate evaluation. What does this thing have? Not only does it suck as hard as it did years ago, but now nobody on the internet uses the realmedia format anymore so theres absolutely no reason for anyone to have this.

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For this, there is a special place in hell for them. More like candy coating a turd if you are into that.

It feels like some adware for itself. Disgraceful piece of trash. You can just turn them off. And I'm the president's wife! It doesn't do anything automatically like download newsgroup lists, it requires you to type in the name of the newsgroup you want.

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Give me a hammer, I will fix this. Its a decent application that does what it promises.

Windows Media Player plays sound but no video. - Microsoft Community

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