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But instead of the usual killing weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, or rocket-launcher, your only weapon is your finger. But with larger environments, harsher lands, and tougher zombies, will you be able to get rid of the plague? You must outplay your opponents in every way to win in this game. The goal is simple, slink out your worm as much as you can and become one of the biggest to ever crawl on land! Perhaps a game that features tons of activities?

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There are a lot of Star Wars games that let you follow the exploits of the Jedi masters and the rest of the rebel alliance. Move over Mario and Crash, the birds and the pigs are here to play! Machine guns, snipers, and the most advanced military gears are there to help you complete the toughest missions.

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Traffic Racer game is called the next generation of endless arcade racing. Hidden in your garage is an awesome car that possesses the potential to run down anyone with its big guns and speed! This will make your defense stronger and help you advance in the harder levels. Whatever drove away the people sure did a great job.

Are you ready to face enemies in an ultimate death match? The single-player campaign mode lets you control six different characters in six compelling stories that take place all over the world. Dubbed as the next generation game of endless motorbike racing, Traffic Racer game is presented as a more detailed gaming experience.

As a result, it is your duty now to think and act fast before it is too late. Do you want to work under Gordon Ramsay and become the Master Chef of your own restaurant? Best of all, you can explore unique locations, mythical creatures, and legendary heroes! Protect your tower from waves of enemies, monsters, and other types of attackers.

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For some, it may look bare, for adventurers, this is an exciting place to explore. Roguelikes scratch a very specific itch, hence they are well-entrenched in the hearts of many gamers. Protect your empire and gather resources to fortify your troops. With a whole arsenal of destruction and nothing to lose, the Dragon Robot will once again destroy the evil empire who wishes to end all of humanity and monsters once and for all!

Many of the action adventure games are very popular everywhere. Dodge traffics and various obstacles along the way. Do you want to experience racing the tracks at blazing speed?

Imagine an entire kingdom wrapped in fear and horror led by Ares the Tyrant, the blood-hungry warmonger. Upgrade your guns to have better accuracy, lower recoil, longer scope, and increased range. Forward Assault throws you into a selection of maps ranging from the urban settings to the snowy mountains and everything in between. Well, just imagine playing basketball, golf, soccer, or American football on board a race car.

Are you ready to fight for control and supremacy on the battlefield? You can choose to use non-lethal attacks like getting the drop on foes, or you can go all-out with swords, pistols, or grenades. Calling all car aficionados in the world, start your engines!

Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

So are you ready for some Action Games? You can also enjoy an out-of-this-world experience with our space games! Have you ever wondered what it is like to jump ramps or through fire rings and loops? Get set for an adventure of galactic proportions. Global Offensive is the sequel to the famous Counter Strike Source and it has become one of the biggest names in shooters and eSports as well.

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Take on challenging missions and shoot your way to victory. Are you a fan of the Supa Strikas animated show? Compete against powerful rivals and let loose deadly punches and kicks.

Summon friends to help out in difficult battles or go toe-to-toe with the very best in various Player-versus-Player leagues. Ever wonder what being a lone survivor in a zombie infested world would be like? Do you get amazed with clashes between huge armies?

Action Games

Action Games

Shooting Games For Windows

Will you take on the challenge? Join the millions of players who have played ZombsRoyale.

Then meet the other remaining survivors, recruit and train them for combat, and build your own empire. Creative Mobile is now bringing the most talked-about no limit online car racing game, Drag Racing, on a bigger screen. Or are you a history buff who wants to recreate some of the most epic conflicts in history? No need for you to use an emulator at all.

Start shooting pixel warriors and zombies in a new battle royale shooter. This sniper game acts as a trial of your own aiming, spotting, dragon quest pc and shooting abilities. It is dubbed as the best games with first person shooting adventure. Spring into action with any of the games here! Experience live action while immersing yourselves in the best unblocked action games here!