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Am a victim of this where recently i bought, i believe now to be a fake one after reading of your invaluable articles. The decoder is now frozen. Anytime if you fill interested in our products, just contact us! Now my decoder has gone bunkers.

What could be the problem and how do I get it fixed. Make sure the receiver is powered on. Does upgrading give your decoder the ability to find more channels than it had? Lemmy, good job to trying to inform us especially low income countries to at least have a basic knowledge on electronic tech. However, if you fry your decoder, you can still wake it by reading my post here.

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Although you can upgrade some hardware components of some decoders but not all. Please note that this may be normal under bad weather conditions heavy rain or snow. To display the information of the current channel. Hi Leemy, I seriously think you should consider selling or reselling cccam accounts considering the number of people who ask u almost on a daily basis what do u figure? Cuz i got dis when i searching using google.

Your email address will not be published. Please what should I do at this time. We are one of the excellent electroacoustic products manufacturers. Hope you will can help me.

If the bar is present, please check the parameters settings via the Installation Menu. To select an item or to confirm a menu. This receiver is a technical masterpiece, assembled with the highest qualified electronic parts. Pls sir, Did i fry my Decoder? And then nothing else happens.

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In this post, i shall be passing out two information. Current Consumption mA Max. If the light does not come on, and the unit is not working, contact your local Strong dealer or point of sale.

Make sure that you have selected the correct satellite in the Menu. Hi lemmy, was blind scanning n the receiver suddenly stopped scanning.

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My question is, can that work for my receiver. Then search the site for how to revive it. Wish you the best of the best.

Pls I downloaded the srt xii software from the strong website but when after updating it still remains dead. If you are having problems with the latest software version, dancing elves please contact our technical team directly. Salon is master unit and kitchen is slave unit. What can I do to retrive the password or better still clean in off the decoder? That may cause the unit to be damaged.

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Download Software

The reply to your question is one and the same which is nss. Pls what should I do again to wake up the decoder. Pls help, if plug in a usb device in my srt a, the receiver will go off n on repeatedly. Please make sure that the plug is properly inserted into the socket and that the socket is switched on. Notify me of new posts by email.

Do you know of anybody in Nigeria having strong decoder with cccam account whose dstv channels are back? Please let us together shout our voices on these rampantly sold fake strong decoders. Contact your local Strong dealer or point of sale.

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Send me sms i will call u bak. Pls what is the cause and what can i do about it. But sir, if i update my x can it show joy tv and others.

Do I give him the satellite names and ask him to track specifically them? Moving the unit to a hot area from a cold one will cause condensation. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. What can I do to get back the options tab to enable me use my dongle debice.

It is very dangerous Place the unit in a well ventilated and no- to touch the inside of the unit due to heat environment. Hi everyone, please I have an srt xii decoder, when I swith it on it boots up yet nothing is displayed except the channel page, and nothing else works even the remote is not catching.