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Email required Address never made public. And their secret would be exposed. Shani Dev became an ardent disciple of Lord Shiva and learnt all the Knowledge directly from him.

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But, she was very upset with the radiance of God Surya. Therefore, wildfire worlds full Shani is called the son of Surya and the brother of Yama. Later Surya repented for his blunder and worshiped Lord Shiva who described him why Shani was so black. This angered Shani Dev who casted an angry look at his father.

Since Chaya resembled Sandhya very closely, Sun God could not doubt her. And she changed her form into that of a mare so that none could recognize her and started her penance. Also, since Chaya did penance under the blazing sun for so long, Shani was growing black inside the womb. This fight is still affecting lives of many people, who still have conflicts and problems in their Kundalis.

Surya Putra Shani Dev - Movie

His consort is goddess Manda. He possess the characteristics of both sun as well as shadow, he inherits these powers from his father and his timid nature from his mother. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shani. The fig tree called Pipal in some Indian texts is the abode of Shani while other texts associate the same tree with Vasudeva.

But because of his swarthy look and other inherited qualities from his mother, the Sun refused to accept him as his son and this made Shani very angry and he sworn in to avenge his father. People are scared of him often, but this is untrue of him that he brings misfortune and bad luck only. Thus from that day to even today, this fight between father and the son continues.


The Rosen Publishing Group. So, Sadnya went to the dense jungles in Uttar Kurukshetra and took repose there. It was carved from a monolith and weighs about nine tonnes. Shani is a deity in medieval era texts, who is considered inauspicious and is feared for delivering misfortune and loss to those who deserve it. Astrology and Cosmology in the World's Religions.

Then, Saudnya began to worry that if she went back, what would happen to the responsibilities which she had given to Chaya. As she was totally immersed in prayers and worship of Lord Shiva, the divine vibrations were unconsciously nurturing the baby inside the womb. She went home and told her father that she could not stand the radiance of God Surya. Therefore, we must understand God Shani as a friend and not as foe. Thus, he took exile from home at an early age to seek powers, blessings and to achieve his ultimate aim of getting his father kneel down to him.

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He told her to go back to her home immediately. Though Sandhya was a chaste and highly devout wife to sun god, she could not tolerate the radiance of God Surya. It is said that when he opened his eyes as a baby for the very first time, the sun went into an eclipse, which clearly denotes the impact of Shani on astrological charts.

As Shani Dev was delivered, Sun god despised seeing the color of the boy and doubted whether Shani was born to him. The manuscripts of these texts exist in slightly different versions, present Shani's motion in the skies, but vary in their data, suggesting that the text were open and revised over their lives.

Knowing the truth behind the issue, Sun God grew happier with his son Shani Dev and they came closer to understand each other better. For other uses, see Shani disambiguation. Shani just wanted to break his ego.

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But for God Surya, she was a spouse worshiping wife. Tanmey Kumar Author archive. About Us ReligiousKart is a platform for online Pandit booking, buy online Puja items, find best astrologers and spiritual practitioners in India.

And if there was opposition, she would go far away to a lonely and undertake great penance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Man Of Suryaputra Shanidev Full Movie In Hindi Download

Shani dev full movie in hindi

However, she did not want to reveal any of her plans to Sun God. People usually perceive Shani Dev as a symbol of bad luck and misfortune.

God of deeds, justice and the planet Saturn. She used to feel that by doing penance she could increase her brilliance. The Britannica Guide to the History of Mathematics. And therefore, without telling her husband she had come away.

He was given the responsibility to distribute the effects of the deeds performed by people. Doing so, she left for thick forests to do penance. Even King Vikramaditya who was the ruler of the entire world loses his kingdom, he is charged with stealing, his hands and legs are cut-off by a neighbouring King. Navagraha Hindu gods Rigvedic deities Saturn. With the cruel gaze of his son, Lord Surya got black marks on his face and weakened day after day.