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Matthew caused at least deaths last year.

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Keeping the man behind the curtain from the public requires constant vigilance. In other words, we might not expect a consistent pattern of hurricanes, but the ones that arrive will pack a wallop to be felt for years in affected areas. Those in power require continual chaos and diversions to keep the masses at bay.

So she politely declined and took the next flight back to Canada because she didn't have medical coverage. Slow-moving storms do big damage The wind is but one measurement of a hurricane's potential devastation and it may ultimately say less about a storm's final impact. The pains got worse and she had to go see a local doctor.

Irma set an Atlantic Ocean wind record, but the size of the hurricane and its forward speed could say more about its ultimate impact. Hurricane Irma, which has set an Atlantic Ocean record for wind speed, elena dating is expected to wreak devastation in the Caribbean and the U. James Done of the National Center for Atmospheric Research is part of a team that is trying to get a handle on measuring how storms of similar wind speeds could bring very different results. Enter the insane world we live in today.

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It must be completely destroyed and never allowed to return. With files from The Associated Press. The index considers offshore and onshore winds, wave and coastal surge damage potential, among other factors. In modern times, Atlantic hurricane winds have contributed to trillions in economic losses, but are responsible for a relatively small number of storm-related deaths.

After a quick physical the doctor had said to her that she had an appendicitis and that an immediate appendectomy was required or it could be quickly fatal. For the record, Patricia on Oct. The leaders of countries know that if they step out of line a simple shift in support will bring their demise.

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This is where massive disinformation engines operate continually. In this photo combination, floodwaters from tropical storm Harvey, top, surround homes in Spring, Texas, on Aug. Four other storms have had winds as strong in the overall Atlantic region, but they were in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, which usually have warmer waters.

The controllers are extremely paranoid since their power rests on a very frail deck of stacked cards. Everything happening today has happened many times before. Economic Collapses are controlled planned events to periodically rob the populous of their years of hard labor. She was given some antibiotics and after a few days she was all better. Residents in a Louisiana town sift through the rubble of Hurricane Andrew on Aug.

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Andrew, which caused damage between Louisiana and Florida, was considered the costliest hurricane in the U. The same usually holds true in Haiti, oft hit by storms.

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Modern communications control is all encompassing with newly added features such as Google, Wikipedia, Social Media and internet control. As well, Irma may not hold that Atlantic Ocean wind record for too long.