Xr400 Service Manual

Basic Maintenance Do not carry out any work beyond your knowledge and skill, and always use proper tools. Contact an Authorized properly in terms of environmental matters. Tripmeter Shows distance traveled per trip.

Measure the distance traveled at the tip of the clutch lever with a ruler. Roll the motorcycle back and forward to observe the chain. And now im riding his bikes. Be the controllability and exhaust noise, which careful in terms of loading and securing may affect the durability of the motorcycle.

Honda XR400 Manual

Worn tyres should be replaced when the tread on the centre of the tyre immediately. Place an oil pan under the Breather Drain. The colour label is located on the frame under the seat. That might give you options, otherwise, yeah, get it tomorrow. Sponge off salt water, road salt and other dirt immediately using mild detergent.

Changing the Muffler may also cause this motorcycle to run incorrectly, and engine damage may occur. Could you please send him my email? Disconnect the positive lead from the battery terminal. Use of a chain lock or similar device is also recommended.

Wipe after applying warm water. Avoid abrupt shift down or the motorcycle may fishtail and transmission damage may occur. Honda recommends that your authorised Honda dealer should road test your motorcycle after each periodic maintenance is carried out. Helmets approved to death in an accident.

Honda XR400 Manual

Is an owners manual all you need? You can purchase this manual online from RepairManual. For your safety and comfort, soma himi song mp3 please familiarise yourself with this manual before riding.

Use sandpaper or a wire brush. Contact an Authorized Honda Dealer for the adjustment or the replacement. Operate the clear of fire when refueling.

Replacement Tyres Use of other types can Use of tyres other than the affect handling and stability. Maintenance work should be performed in accordance with standards and specifications of Honda by properly trained and equipped technicians. Close the fuse box and install the side cover. Chris Perth, Western Australia. Replace with one of the spare fuses inside the fuse box.

Advice The starter motor consumes considerable power. Move the motorcycle back and forward to clean entire chain.

High Beam Indicator Illuminates if the high beam is selected. Honda Dealer when the damper units require replacement. Your authorised Honda dealer meets all of these requirements. Battery fluid level The diluted sulphuric acid electrolyte is check or refill are not required.

Wipe the oil from the dipstick. Contact your Honda Dealer.

Honda XR400R XR400 XR 400 Manual

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Warning Do not throw the damper unit into fire or disassemble the unit. This times whilst in motion.

HONDA XRR OWNER S MANUAL Pdf DownloadHonda XR400R XR400 XR 400 Manual

Potential of minor injury. Fuses Locate and repair the fault before installing a new fuse.

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Using the holder will interfere with the operation and may damage the motorcycle. Unfortunately, he passed away few months now.

Honda XRR XR XR Manual