Zoiper 2.0

Adjust the volume by moving the sliders to the left less sound or the right more volume. Hlachingmong Issac Murruy. Hyperlinks to sections inside this document, email and the Internet are underlined and blue. Please mind that the drivers for these devices must be properly installed and recognized by Windows.

Full version, not a lite version! If you double click on a contact person, you will start calling him.

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The codec with the lowest number has the highest priority. These are the default settings for the audio codecs.

Contact zoiper asteriskguru. Open the Zoiper softphone application and click on Settings on the top menu bar, and click on Create a new account. Enjoy free calls between Zoiper users or combine our dialers with your favorite provider for the cheapest calls. In the example below, david beckham autobiography the user Gogh can call and be called in the context tutorial with the Dial application. Here you can find the persons you have called in chronological descending order.

Click on the Delete button. Double click on the person you want to call. You can also scroll up and down to see the chronological sequence of events. Zoiper comes with free, military grade end to end encryption for voice and video. Bring your own device Zoiper runs on a multitude of different platforms.

ZOIPER Free Download. Securax Freeware Size MB Download Free at PCWin

Use our automatic provisioning options and restrict parts of the interface to make sure all your users are at ease. To see more details about the missed call in the History, click on the History button. User name Enter your preferable User name.

You can also reject a call by clicking on the Hangup button. When in the History window you click on an entry of a Missed call, you can call your contact person by clicking on the enabled Dial button. You can do this by ticking the Quick dial check box when you add a new entry to your Address book. Do not hesitate to send a mail to zoiper attractel. If you want to use any of the Available codecs you have to select it and then press the right direction arrow.

These features are available with Zoiper Biz. All your contacts in one interface! All from one intuitive interface. You can choose to Reject the call.

How to use the Zoiper 2.0 softphone

Voicemail extension Enter the extension at which to check your voicemail messages. Hold When an incoming or outgoing call becomes accepted, the Hold button will become enabled.

You do not need to have a selected account for direct calling. Phone line used for the call. This should bring up the Account Wizard window.

Echo cancellation Tick this option in case of an echo tail to the speech. The Audio codecs for the chosen account are handled quite like in the general Audio codecs.

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When it detects this, it shows the full path to the executable in a tooltip caption. The names of windows are marked in bold and italics. Click on the entry you want to change.

To use the sequence for attended transfer a different sequence should be set for blind transfer sequence. Address book Accessing the address book Open your Address book by clicking on the Address book button. Click on next to complete account wizard.

Arrange the codec priority by dragging the blue numbers of the Selected codecs up and down. Click again on the arrow to sort the list in ascending or descending order. The password of this user.

Mic boost To turn up the volume of your microphone, tick this option. To save time, it is best to add the persons you call most often to the Quick dial pad.

Click on the option in the Option Tree you want to change the settings for. On the given fields, please specify the following, as indicated on the screen shot below.

How to use the Zoiper 2.0 softphone

Our team of experienced professionals is most willing to answer all your questions. Always confirm your settings by clicking Apply. Download You can read more information about Zoiper Free Edition and download it here.

Edition Version 2.0 for Windows

You can now start using the Zoiper softphone. This comes handy for providing different reception destinations for different companies that share the same Asterisk server. Want to use Zoiper in your company or call center? Together, we make calling more comfortable. For these options, please specify the following, as indicated by the screen shot below.

Notice Liability All rights reserved. Firstly you will need to download and install the required version for your operating system.

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